About Us

Taking care of baby can be one of the highest forms of love there is.
Diaper bags to baby monitors, strollers to safety tools, there are tons of baby products out there.
How to prepare yourself for the arrival of your newborn baby?
You may think that your pregnancy will be eternally but you will have to meet your new infant before you know it. Meanwhile take advantage of this time to prepare for the big changes ahead of you.
We will share our knowledge on this site to help fellow parents to make them the best baby products purchases.
We know that useful information on BestBabyNeeds website is of great help for other parents therefore we seek to offer valuable tips in order to help other parents.

Our Mission

We will share some of the best products out there what to buy for your infant.
We will save your time by showing the top rated, most popular products from well known brands ! Simply smart shopping decisions.


Meet the Team


Olivia Harper, M.D. Pediatrics

Mother of 2 Boys

Dr. Harper attended UCLA before graduating from ACC Medical College in Los Angeles. In Dr. Harper's spare time she enjoys practicing yoga, horse riding and painting.

Caroline Moore, M.D. Pediatrics

Mother of 2 Girls

Dr. Moore attended University Of Southern California for her undergraduate education, medical school, and residency training. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, interior decorating and gardening.