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There are tons of different bottles out there, and it's easy to feel confused or overwhelmed, especially if you're a new parent. Some parents are just looking at price, but only experienced moms will tell you the difference between good bottles and bad bottles.
Therefore, I've narrowed them down to the TOP-3 and I only reviewed baby bottles that I thought were worth every penny.
You’ll hopefully find the best bottle for your baby. So, save your time, money, and unnecessary stress!

Read on, if you want to learn everything about baby bottles. best-baby-bottles

There are tons of choices out there but which baby bottle and which nipple are the best for your baby?
Also, some babies have trouble with a bottle and need a specific type of bottle. Some babies are picky about nipples, and they may prefer one over another.
You should buy a variety of nipples at first, once you find out your baby's favorite, you can buy more.
best baby bottles Just as there are a variety of different types of bottles, there are also a variety of types of nipples. Some of the best baby bottles have certain features in common to help with gas or spit up by minimizing air bubbles.
best baby bottles Switching between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Certain baby bottles are specifically designed to mimic breastfeeding. In this way, you can make the transition easier for your baby.
best baby bottles Young babies will only eat a little at a time but, before you know it, you'll be switching the bigger bottle. Therefore it would be wise to consider getting a combination of both. It may take a few tries to find the best bottle for your baby but with a little effort, you will find the right fit.
Let's look into the essentials of bottles and nipples.↓

best newborn bottlesTYPES OF BABY BOTTLES


Plastic Bottles

Light-weight, Sturdy and Unbreakable.
Most used baby bottle type.
Stick with BPA Free Bottles.

Glass Bottles

Eco-friendly, Breakable, Heavy.
Other most commonly used baby bottle.
Find a bottle with the sleeve.

Silicone Bottles

Light-weight, Unbreakable,
Easy to Clean.
Third commonly used type.
BPA Free (%0 Plastic)

Stainless Steel

Heavy, Unbreakable, Eco Friendly. Can't see through to bottle, hard to warm & cool. The least popular bottle.

best newborn bottlesSHAPES OF BABY BOTTLES


Wide-neck Bottles

Reducing the feeding issues. Eliminates air bubbles to help reduce colic and gas. Not fitting into the drink holders of cars or stroller. Difficult to clean.

Angle-neck bottles

Semi-upright feeding position can reduce earaches and reflux.
Allows for stable flow and less ingestion of air.

Vented Bottles

Allowing air to enter the baby bottle but holding liquids to go out.
Vented baby bottles are also known as natural flow bottles.

best baby bottles

Is Plastic Baby Bottles Safe?
Plastic baby bottles made of Polypropylene or Poly-amide are safe. Most baby bottles or accessories are now made of this material.
You can either put them in hot water for sterilize or you can put them in the dishwasher. It's perfectly safe.
Don't forget to read the manufacturer's guide before beginning to understand how to use it safely.
If you are going to choose a plastic feeding bottle for your baby, you may try to look for packaging that says that the bottle is BPA, Phthalates, and PVC free. When you first purchase your baby's bottle, wash it with soap and water, and then put it in some boiling water for about five minutes.
If you are going to use a plastic bottle you must find a BPA Free one.
•  Glass bottles are more expensive than plastic or silicon bottles. However, glass bottles are heavy and breakable, could be dangerous if dropped or cracked.
• It would be a smart decision to buy nipples along with bottles in starter sets.
Newborn bottle sets include all things needed to get started. Most babies are picky about nipples. You should buy a variety of nipples at first, once you find out your baby's favorite you can buy more.

Bottle Nipples

When selecting the nipple to use for your bottle, you must look closely at the packaging. They may look similar but not at a closer examination.
best baby bottles You are going to find that there is a "Flow Rate" labeled on the different types of nipples. The "Flow Rate" is important. They are either going to be Slow – Medium – or Fast.
best baby bottles Depending on the age of your baby, you are going to select what is appropriate. For a newborn, you want to have a newborn nipple. That nipple is going to let the milk come out slower, so the baby does not choke or gag.
best baby bottles If you find that your baby is choking on the nipple when you are feeding her or him, check, you may have a nipple that is too fast. You may want to feed him/her more appropriately – which is why the manufacturers produce nipples with different flow rates.



best baby bottles Essentially there are 2 different types – they are either made from latex or they are made from silicone. Generally speaking, the clear ones are made of silicone – and the yellow nipples are made of latex. Silicone is set to be BPA free.
best baby bottlesAlthough you always want to check the label of the product. Latex is naturally PBC and BPA free – which is great – however many people tend to be allergic or can develop an allergy to latex.
best baby bottles So you should be aware of that with your baby. I prefer silicone over latex because over time, you can develop a sensitivity to latex – which can lead to an allergy.

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  1. I like avent bottles. most importantly my baby like and that’s also matter. they are by far the greatest and i would recommend it to anyone whos about to have a baby. thanks for such a great article!

  2. My daughter was using the Nuk bottles. I just switched to Comotomo. I hope that will help with the gas. She doesn’t seem to swallow too much air. I just love the nipples because they were soft and she seemed to like them.

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