Best Baby Monitors 2017

What is the hardest part of being a new parent?
Putting your little baby to sleep and resisting the urge to check on him/her every five seconds. And this is where baby monitors come in.

What type of monitor is best?

There are audio monitors and video monitors.  It's wise to have a video monitor rather than an audio monitor because there is no big difference in the cost.
Video baby monitors are great because they give you peace of mind and allow you to check in with your baby virtually anywhere you go in your house. Now with the new mobile enabled cameras they even allow you to check in with your baby while you're not in your house, which is very useful.
If you just want a basic monitor, check out monitors with a dect technology. The reason I love them is that they run on a different frequency than wireless routers. Several monitors can interfere with your wireless router, which can be annoying.

best baby monitorsWhat's cool about the dect is that it runs on completely different frequencies. You won’t have any issues with your monitor if your wireless router doesn't work. There are often great deals on this camera on Amazon.

If you're one of those parents who are really worried about their baby's breathing, I highly recommend you to check out monitors with motion sensors. What makes them innovative is that they have a sensor pad that you place under your child's crib mattress.
It warns you after 20 seconds of no movement by your baby and no breathing. This is a great system to have in place, especially if you're one of those parents who get really nervous.
Some monitors also have several other features that I love. For example a two-way talkback, which is a great feature. It allows you to sync your baby if s/he wakes up without going to the room or talk to the other parent or caregiver in the room with your baby.


Another cool features of this camera is that it allows you to zoom in on your baby. You can see if your baby rolls around in the crib or is at an awkward angle. You can check whether your baby is OK and breathing fine. It’ll give you piece of mind.

If you want a monitor with an amazing color digital display, check out monitors with digital touchscreens. They give crystal clear pictures of your baby. Many color monitors switch to black/white in really low light. That's a great feature, because it allows you to see your baby better.
What I love about the digital touch camera is that it has an innovative feature that tracks your baby's movements. If your baby is moving around the crib, the camera will pan in on your baby. I love that!

best-baby-monitors-2017Some of them have a huge color touch display. Another feature that I love is that if you turn off your parent monitor when you're not using it the batteries will last pretty long.

There have been a lot of instances on the news recently about people listening to other peoples’ baby monitors. That is not something that you want to happen to you. What's so cool about some monitors is that they have an encrypted feed that prevents others from hearing what's going on in your baby's nursery.
Some monitors have a live stream of your baby's nursery that you can share with other people.


It's worth the little extra cost if you can get a video monitor that also has the audio function and other features. Choose a baby monitor with a prominent "low-battery" light. You can look for wireless monitors with an audio motion detection.
Most of the best baby monitors have apps available for free download.  There are tons of baby monitors available on the market for all budgets. These are my recommendations of the best baby monitors for your baby.

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