You're looking for the Best Breast Pump because;
1. You want to increase your milk supply.
2. You want to breastfeed your baby even if you're not there.
There are so many breast pumps out there that it's easy to get overwhelmed.  Some moms just look at the price, but only experienced moms will tell you the difference between good and bad pumps.
First of all, you have to evaluate your situation and ask yourself what type of breast pump would be the best fit for you.
If you know the answer, you can choose between electric breast pumps or manual breast pumps.
If you don't know which type would be the best fit for you, continue reading below. I promise you that by the end of the article you'll have better understanding of what you need to get.

best breast pump


best breast pump

Let's talk all about breast pumps
Extracting breast milk is very beneficial for moms. It means that you can go back to work. It also means that a partner or friend can help you with feeding and you can have a well-earned rest when you need it.
Moms often use a breast pump in order to increase the milk supply. However, the biggest advantage of a breast pump is that you can still breastfeed your baby, even if you're not there.
There are various types of breast pumps on the market. You'll need to choose between manual breast pumps and electric breast pumps.
Be it an electric or a manual breast pump, using one for the first time can be a bit strange. However, you'll quickly get used to it.
If time is an issue for you, then an electric pump may be a better option. The electric pumps are probably more efficient, more comfortable, and will do the job the most quickly.
If you're looking into manual breast pumps, know that it often takes longer and you can usually pump one side at a time.
It's highly recommended by lactation consultants that if you’ve just had a baby and are pumping on a regular basis you should use a double electric breast pump for the first few months to boost your breast milk supply.
Whichever type of breast pump you go for, you may need to stimulate the letdown reflex before you start. This is what causes your milk to flow. To do this spend some time cuddling with your baby or thinking about your baby.


Breast pumps are categorized as manual breast pumps and electric breast pumps.

best breast pump

Manual pumps are fairly cheap and quiet. However, it can take a while to fill a container up.
An electric pump can be expensive, but you won't need to use your hand to pump, the machine will do it for you.
An electric pump can be single for one breast at a time or double for both breasts at the same time.

best breast pump

Manual Brest Pump

Manual pump pros:

* cheap and cost nothing to run
* more discreet
* easy to use and compact to carry

Manual pump cons:

* handwork
* take more time
* not stable like electric pumps

Electric Brest Pump

Electric pump pros:

* pump out more milk with less effort
* more comfortable and more consistent
* pump milk quickly and automatically
* offer flexibility, more choice, and more settings
* pump both breasts at the same time.

Electric pump cons:

* more costly
* needs electricity or batteries
* make noice

When you are looking to buy the best breast pump, there are 3 important things to consider:


One of the most important features is the ability for you to clean it and have it stay clean. All breast pumps come with either an open or a closed system, and it is crucial for you to know the difference.
A closed system has a barrier between your breast milk and the tubing.
An open system has a direct opening between where the milk is passing into the bottle and the tubing of the pump.
An open system has a risk of bacteria mold or viruses growing within the tube.
A very important feature is one that will give you the option of multiple breast flange sizes.
The flanges are cups that go over your breasts thus come in direct contact with your body.
If the flange size is not a proper fit, you may have difficulty extracting your milk, and may feel discomfort while pumping.
I think it's a smart decision to purchase a breast pump that gives you multiple flange size options so you can ensure a proper fit.
These cups have different-sized holes, and different sizes are important in order to fit your nipple properly.
Everyone has differently sized and shaped breasts and nipples, and one size will not fit  even the same mom very long. She may require several size flanges throughout her pumping year as the breasts change size and shape.
Finding the best breast pump is crucial for you and your baby!

When choosing your breast pump, look for a pump that has two controls - one for perception and one for speed. More settings and the individual capability to control speed and suction will give you the most customized experience while pumping.
It will help you to maximize your breast milk production using the least amount of time.
A pump with 32 settings will be easier to use and more efficient than a pump with five or even 15 settings. While pumping, you will want to be able to stimulate your baby sucking as much as possible.
Having control over both the speed and suction strength will allow you to make the whole experience easier, more efficient, and much more enjoyable for you.

The FDA recommends not to using second-hand breast pumps. Breast milk can transport certain viruses and bacteria such as HIV and CMV.

Look for closed system pumps to avoid the risk of bacteria and viruses. Consider buying a pump with multiple breast flange sizes. It's also better to have more settings.
I have used some breast pumps before, and only reviewed the breast pumps that either I or my sisters owned and loved!
Make breastfeeding enjoyable and comfy for you and your baby.
best breast pumps

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4 thoughts on “Best Breast Pumps 2017 | How To Choose an Electric or Manual Breast Pumps

  1. I think best double electric pump is Spectra. You should know that, there is no perfect match for you. Every mom is different so their body.

  2. First benefit of pumping is to increase your milk supply so A breast pump also comes in handy if the baby can’t latch well. My favorite manual pump is Medela Harmony. For a electric pump is Medela again 🙂

  3. My favorite breast pump is Spectra S2.
    It keeps my breast milk supply high and comforts well.
    Not so noisy like other pumps. The only noise it makes is a soft suction noise

  4. I bought the Medela pump as a advice from the lactation consultant. Clearly, the reviews talk for themselves, this pump is amazing. I was told Medela is the best double electric pump to buy so I did, and it was the best investment I ever made. Thank you for sharing such a helpful article about best breast pumps.

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