How To Choose The Best Convertible Car Seats.

They got their name because they start off rear-facing and then they convert to be a forward facing. It's important to remember that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all children rear-face until they're two years old. 


The convertible car seat can be used from birth through about 60 or 70 pounds. One thing that's really important to remember is that car seats are actually made from of plastic, and over time they start to get brittle. You want to check with your car seat manufacturer to see how long the car seat should be used. 

best-convertible-car-seatAll the car seats have basic safety features
they're all going to meet the minimum guidelines. When you start to get into premium convertible car seats, you're really going to see some revolutionary some very innovative features. Some of them might feature steel bars or a complete steel frame.


best-convertible-car-seatAnother thing to look for is a five-point harness. Pretty much all car seats they're going to feature the 5-point harness. What they do is they make sure that your child has not moved in an accident.

A lot of convertible car seat also feature additional safety features. For instance some head support and other things. You just want to make sure your child is not moving in an accident.


best-convertible-car-seatAnother great safety feature on the convertible car seat is the tether. The tether is a strap on the back of a car seat and what it does is it distributes any force from an accident from the car seat to the car. Not all car seats have a tether that can be used when your rear-facing.


best-convertible-car-seatThe next topic comfort. When you first start using the convertible car seat for a newborn, you're going to be using the flattest lying position. As the child grows, you're going to move them into a more upright position. It's just a matter of our busy lifestyles, but we really do spend a lot of time with the car.

So you want the car seat to be nice and comfortable for your child. Look for a nice plush padding a comfortable material, but you also want to make sure that just in case an accident happened it is easy for you to clean.

best-convertible-car-seatLet's talk about convenience as your child grows you have to reposition the harness to make sure it's positioned correctly on your child's body. Some of the premium car seats allow you to just pull up on the harness to easily repositioning it. Which is so much easier than having to read through the harness.

I highly recommend that feature in a convertible car seat. Another premium feature is the click and save technology that protects ad which makes an audible click every time you readjust the hardest.

If you're planning on traveling, you might think that you're never going to take that convertible car seat with you. Convertible car seats are fabulous to have on an airplane. Check with a car seat manufacturer to see if they're FAA-Approved.

What do I recommend in the convertible market stretching as much as you possibly can because those extra additional safety features they really can make a difference in an accident. Choose the best convertible seat for your baby with lots of safety features. Look for a convertible car seat with side impact protection.

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