Best Diaper Bags 2017 | The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide | TOP 20 & Reviews

There are tons of diaper bags in the market, and I've narrowed them down to the TOP-20, so you don't need to spend hours searching. I've full confidence that you’ll find the perfect match for your needs.


One of the most fun purchases you're going to have is picking your diaper bag. However, a diaper bag must be able to contain all of the necessary items, in a well-organized manner.
If you're not sure what type of bag would be the best fit for you, then continue reading below.
I promise you that, by the end of the article, you'll have a better understanding of what bag you need to get.
Getting Started
How To Choose The Best Diaper Bag
Essential Factors to Consider
Backpack Diaper Bags
Convertible Diaper Bags
Tote Diaper Bags
Messenger Diaper Bags


How To Choose The Best Diaper Bag?
I love diaper bags; maybe I'm a little bit obsessed with them because I have 6 diaper bags. Well, I have two children, and so, I've been carrying a diaper bag for a decade.
First of all, Why it's so important to choose the right diaper bag? That's because, you carry it as much as you carry your child.
Comfort, ergonomics, something that's practical and also durable.  There are tons of diaper bags in the market.
In fact, it does matter "how cute the bag" is, but not as important as "how functional the bag" or "how easy to carry."
I've been there, so I know exactly what you need. For a start, you'll want a good-sized diaper bag, that's for sure.
best diaper bags
Bigger Is Not Always Better!
Some diaper bags are too big for everyday use. You need a diaper bag that will be able to fit all the necessary stuff and have them in convenient reach, without smooshing it all together.
You might find it handy to have more than one diaper bag, maybe a big one for long trips and a small diaper bag for short trips.
Let's face it: If you're outside or get stuck somewhere, your diaper bag must be there with you to provide all of your kid's needs.
You want to be able to pack everything you need but not over pack. Yes. As little as possible for every scenario you would ever need. As your baby grows, you'll need more space for bigger diapers, bigger bottles, and clothes.
Diaper Bag Must-Haves:
Diapers, wipes, cream, changing pad, pacifiers, bottles, water, formula, extra clothes and some toys.
You should also consider a diaper bag that will fit your lifestyle.
I've come across 5 things that you should consider, if you're looking to buy a diaper bag ↓

5 Tips For Choosing A Diaper Bag
best-diaper-bags 1. Materials
The first thing that you want to care about when you're looking for the best diaper bag is the quality of materials. Things like the lining on the inside and outside, adjustable straps, metal zippers with sturdy closures.
So you want something light, strong and durable. You want your diaper bag to last, and it would be great if it is machine washable.
best-diaper-bags 2. Cosmetics
The second thing I would suggest is the cosmetics of the diaper bag. It's basically your purse.  You want to like what you're carrying, and you want to feel pretty with it too.
This is the bag you're going to be carrying every day.
best-diaper-bags 3. Carrying Options
The third thing you want to consider is carrying options.
You need to think about how you want to carry this bag.
How you want to carry your diaper bag is important.
Do you want a messenger strap where it can go up and
over your shoulder across your body?
Do you want backpack straps?
Do you want just little handles?
best-diaper-bags 4. Storage
The fourth thing you need to consider is storage.
Number of pockets, placements of pockets.
If you're looking to buy a diaper bag, you might want to think about  where are the outside and inside pockets located.
You need to know where you're going to put your stuff.
The number and the placement of pockets actually do matter.
You should think like "am I going to get extra little bags to go inside to help me organize?" or "am I going to rely on just the pockets." All that's important, you need to know where you're going to put your stuff. Do they have bottle holders, are they insulated, things like that.
best-diaper-bags 5. Price
The last thing I want you to consider is the price.
How much are you willing to spend on your diaper bag. 50 bucks, hundred or more, it's up to you. Remember you get what you pay for.


best diaper bagsLet's find out the 4 most popular diaper bag types
When you're trying to determine the type of a diaper bag, you may think about your lifestyle. How are you going to be using the diaper bag and where are you going to be the most with it.
A variety of diaper bags available for all of us. Cute diaper bags for stylish moms, functional diaper bags for practical moms and dads.
There are 4 most popular types of diaper bags out there, including backpack, messenger, tote and convertible diaper bags.


The trendy choice is the backpack diaper bags. The great thing about the backpack is that it offers a whole hands-free approach. If I put that on, I can do what I need to do, and I can move the way I need to move.
It is important to have all necessary things well organized. I love backpack diaper bags because they come with plenty of padded compartments.
best diaper bags Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System
The Graco backpack is super sturdy. Easy to use. Great for on-the-go parents.It has insulated side pocket for bottles. I absolutely love it. It has many compartments. Wipes dispenser is located on exterior of Graco backpack.  It's so practical for moms and dads. I'd recommend this diaper bag; if you're looking for the practically rather than the fashion.

best diaper bags best backpack1

Adjustable Shoulder Straps
Wipes dispenser
Insulated Pocket
Mommy Section
Easy to Clean /Keep it clean

Slippery Changing Pad

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best diaper bags

Convertible Diaper Bags has an innovative design with two different carrying options. Convertible (multi function) diaper bags can be used as a backpack and a shoulder bag.


best diaper bags Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag, The Queen of Jungle
It's just so so cute. When I saw this print, I wasn't totally sure because I'm not usually an "animal" person, but there's just something about this one; I think because it's so realistic looking that I just really, really wanted it. 2 exterior insulated bottle pockets. This bag will be your BFF.




Machine Washable
Shoulder / Messenger Strap
High Quality Fabrics
Lifetime Limited Warranty


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best diaper bags

There's the tote bag, over the shoulder, and it's pretty easy access to items; It has been around for a pretty long time and a pretty popular choice.
best diaper bags Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag
If you're looking for a diaper bag with storage and style, you're going to love the skip hop due signature diaper bag. The exterior of the bag is made from a durable poly canvas material. It's not only wipeable but will stand the test of time plus I love the great neutral chevron print. Skip Hop Duo diaper bag has 11 compartments to help keep you organized.

best tote diaper bags

Adjustable Shoulder Strap
Changing Pad
Easy to Use
Medium Size
Easy to Clean

Not Large

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best diaper bags

The third choice is the messenger bag and you're going to find for this that the strap is very similar to the sling bag and then it goes across your body. Instead of resting on your back, the bag is going to rest on your hip.
best diaper bags Filberry Messenger Diaper Bag
Filberry designed to be multi-functional, has lots of different pockets and easy opening features. Filberry comes with Accessory Set : Extra large changing pad, insulated wide bottle bag, cell phone holder.

best diaper bag messenger

Easy To Use
Free Accessory Set
Super Functional
Many compartments

Color Options

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best diaper bags


If you didn’t like my choices, click here to see the best-selling diaper bags. You’ll probably find one you like!
There are lots of great diaper bags out there. Remember, have fun with it. This is just for you, so pick the bag that you love, that fits your lifestyle and it's going to make you happy every day because you're the one that's going to be using it.

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7 thoughts on “Best Diaper Bags 2017 | The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide | TOP 20 & Reviews

  1. I just purchased the skip hop diaper bag, and i love it! Its so cute and the way the diaper bag is made is great.
    A large diaper bag is must have if you have more then 1 kid. I’m so happy with my purchase and recommend it all moms.

  2. Well organized diaper bag is a lifesaver. So I choose the Hip Cub messenger diaper bag. I ordered it online and shipping was fast. The bag was even cuter in person! All the pockets the bag has will keep all your baby needs nice and organized. its a great diaper bag and a great buy.

  3. My decision was the Graco Gotham Backpack. Actually I have 3 diaper bags. Graco Backpack is not too big and its not too small, but i’m using mine for a toddler and i’m able to fit everything i need. So if you’re looking for a backpack diaper bag my advise, this one is good for you. Basicly, it’s functional and keeps my hands free.

  4. I’m using the bag nation backpack diaper bag and I love all of the space and compartments in the bag, as well as the material is easy to clean.

  5. I’ve used many diaper bags before and The Graco Gotham Backpack by far is my most favorite one! It is super functional and super durable. This diaper bag is the best; very sturdy, and also practical. I love black and I also love the “Gotham” Tv-Show 🙂

  6. I’ve the Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back in Royal Envy. It looks compact but fits so much stuff! If you’re looking for a bit cute backpack diaper bag, than I would advise you to get this one because it’s so cute and super trendy.

  7. I love the Skip Hop Tote. I fell in love with this bag at first sight. It is both stylish and practical and the perfect size!
    Easy to clean. So happy with my purchase. 🙂

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