Do you have a hard time with positioning your baby while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding?

You can't know how helpful a nursing pillow can be until you try one out.
When I was a first-time mom, I didn't think that a nursing pillow was worth buying. However, I was very wrong, and I realized that when I breastfed my second child.
Some of the best nursing pillows are specifically designed with lactation consultants for nursing moms to make their feeding time comfortable and productive.

best nursing pillow

Let's talk all about the nursing pillows


Why should you have a nursing pillow at the top of your baby registry if you're an expectant parent?  Many of you probably already have a nursing pillow. It's a popular baby shower gift.
boopy nursing pillow A Multi-Functional Pillow
You may not be aware of all of the versatile things that it can do for you to help you with baby feeding. It's ideal for the nursing mom, but it's also used for the tummy time development and all-around setup support. Some of the best nursing pillows also help aid digestion and prevent reflux.
boopy nursing pillow A Nursing pillow A.K.A Breastfeeding Pillow is very convenient for new parents to help them breastfeed or bottle-feed the baby. Also as your child grows you can use the nursing pillow for propping, tummy time and sitting.




Ergonomically correct positioning for feeding. This is your moment to just sit and enjoy being with the baby.


Tummy Time

See that kicking and head lifting? It's quite a workout getting all those muscles ready for rolling and sitting.



Crawling? It will come. But for now, the baby is content to lounge comfortably.



Topples happen. So while the baby works out the wobbles, A Nursing Pillow is there for balance and support.

You can use the nursing pillow for the developmental tummy time when your baby begins to hold up his hand on his own developing muscles and motor skills.
Nursing Pillow is perfect if you need a versatile nursing pillow that can also be used as a secure seat for the baby for learning to sit in tummy time.
Adjust the pillow where ever you find comfortable and get the best back support for your baby. It's ideal for newborns and infants to help aid digestion and reduce reflux.
A Nursing Pillow creates a comfortable place for nursing mothers even for dads or people who are bottle-feeding let you have a place to rest your arms so your arm doesn't get tired.
The Nursing Pillow Covers
A Nursing pillow also comes with different pillow covers so either you have a boy or girl there are different varieties of nursing pillow covers.
Therefore, you can wash one, and use another nursing pillow cover that you can put on the pillow. It's also very convenient; you can take a nursing pillow with you anywhere as it's not a big item that takes up space in your car or wherever you go.


If you're comfortable when you're feeding your baby, your baby is going to be comfortable to eat. It also helps when your baby gets older and can hold their bottle.
Some of the Best Nursing Pillows are also helped with the awake phase activity times.
A Nursing pillow is great for the younger babies who hold their heads up, but they can be propped up and still look around on the nursing pillow.
The more they are going to be tired and ready for the next phase which is the sleep phase. It's also great for your kiddos who are just starting to sit up.
It's really scary when they first start to set up because they don't have a great balance and they're falling over and you don't want them to fall over and hit their head.
Nursing Pillow is really great to help support them and to help balance them. If they do have that little flip and they fall over, they will hit the pillow, and there will be no harm done.
It's really great for helping them learn to set up and helping them learn to balance on their own and then eventually take the popular way and they're good to go.
You want to make sure that always you have them on the floor, never in a chair, never up where they could fall and get hurt.
They burned up all that energy during the weekdays, you fed them comfortably and they're ready to go to sleep for the sleep phase. A Nursing pillow is a great multi-functional tool for parents.
The Nursing Pillow is a must-have for any breastfeeding or bottle-feeding parent. I would definitely recommend having a nursing pillow on hand for health, for safety, for the development of the baby and especially for comforting the feeding time for the baby and you.
best baby bottles After researching all the alternatives, checking with experts and cross-checking with moms, I've selected the top 3 nursing pillows below. I'm confident that, you’ll find the perfect match for your needs.



I really don't know how mothers nurse without a Boppy. This pillow is so amazing, and my daughter will fall asleep on it after nursing. I also loved to use it for tummy time before she was strong enough to push herself up, and now I use it to sit her up.

boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Machine-washable
boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Quality - Great Size
boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Long-Term Usability (Nursing, Tummy, Sitting)
boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Removable Covers

boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Extra fabric at both ends

best nursing pillow

boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow   Price: Check on Amazon



I love my Brest Friend! It has a pocket and the cover is removable. This pillow saved me from giving up on breastfeeding. The pillow supports both baby and my back. All new moms "must have." I think it's the best thing you can buy when it comes to breast feeding.

boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Machine-washable
boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Adjustable Strap
boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Back Support
boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow A Handy Pocket

boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Bulky
boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Not comfy to get up and burp the baby.

best nursing pillow

boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow   Price: Check on Amazon


Fisher-Price Nursing Pillow is firm, which is good for supporting the baby and my arm. The pockets and velcro make moving and attaching the toy bar super easy. This is so helpful when feeding your baby. I really like the pillow and the toy attachment.

boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Machine-washable
boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Lightweight
boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Attachable Toys

boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Thin Cover
boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow Too hard for laying your baby on

best nursing pillow

boppy-pillow-nursing-pillow  Price: Check on Amazon


best nursing pillows
If you don't like my picks, click here to see the best selling nursing / breastfeeding pillows. You’ll probably find one you like!

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2 thoughts on “Best Nursing Pillows | Best Breastfeeding Pillows | 2017

  1. Have used a Boppy with all of my kids. Awesome for helping position baby for nursing. I was satisfied with the boppy and purchased some lovely covers as well.

  2. it’s such a multi use product for all parents. I tried several nursing pillows and Boppy is my favorite by far.
    Great pillow – versatile, effective and resiliant.

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