The 3 Best Pregnancy Pillows of 2017

Pregnancy comes with many challenges, however, sleeping doesn’t have to be one of them!

When you go through pregnancy, especially the last trimester will make it much more difficult to sleep well at night.
But, do you know that all these problems can be solved by using a pregnancy pillow? Yes, you’ll be able to stay asleep longer, and you’ll wake up feeling rested.
Scroll down if you want to learn everything about pregnancy pillows best-diaper-bags

best-pregnancy-pillowOut of those 3 choices, I'd recommend the Snoogle, when performance and reliability counts. It's the mother of all pregnancy pillows! Very affordable price for such an amazing experience.


5.5 pounds

Back 'N Belly
 7 pounds

7 pounds

MATERIAL Phthalate, Latex, Lead and BPA Free


If you don't know which type would be the best fit for you, then continue reading below. I promise you that, by the end of the article, you'll have a better understanding of what you need to get. ↓
• Getting Started
• My Experience With The Pregnancy Pillow
• Benefits Of A Pregnancy Pillow
• When To Start Using A Pregnancy Pillow
Total Body Pregnancy Pillow
C-Shape Pillow  |  U-Shape Pillow
 • Wedge Pillow
 • Conclusion
• The Best Pregnancy Pillows TOP 3


best-baby-bottle-warmerYou're in the right place!
What makes our guide different from other guides is that we continuously improve our knowledge, and provide the best possible choices available in the market. This page is up to date and I take the time to make changes as time goes on and things change.


As your tummy grows, your back pain and general discomfort will also increase. A backache (back pain) is one of the most common pregnancy conditions and usually occurs in the last trimester.
I'm 6 months pregnant and having bad cramps; it even hurts to get up sometimes. You're an expectant mom, going through tough time and it's becoming very hard to get a good night's sleep.
So I bought a pregnancy body pillow. (Snoogle) When I first took it out, I was looking at the pregnancy body pillow and thinking that "it doesn't look like that much for sixty dollars, I don't see that much of a difference."
I slept on my pregnancy pillow one night and it made a BIG difference, a huge one, though.
I usually toss and turn like 10 times a night and I seriously got the best night of sleep since I started sleeping on my side. I think I only had to flip over and switch sides once.
Before when I would wake up, my hips would hurt for a few hours after I got up in the morning. Now, they didn't hurt at all. My back hurts less so getting a pregnancy body pillow is pretty awesome.
I've been waking up early because I couldn't really get that great sleep. I'm glad that I purchased a pregnancy pillow for myself. It was really nice to sleep. I absolutely love it.
Some of the best pregnancy pillows were specifically designed for pregnant bodies by physical therapists. So they offer additional support such as belly support and a recline option.
It's common to have trouble sleeping during your pregnancy, especially after the second trimester. The fact is we all go through this period of time dealing with more stress than usual.
It's just as soft as it needs to be and has the right amount of support in the pillow.
I was sleeping with regular pillows in between my knees before. I was just kind of prop myself up and try to support myself with regular pillows. I was still waking up hurting. Therefore, it's pretty cool that this pillow doesn't make me hurt when I wake up at night.


Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillows

Let's get started! What benefits can you get from a pregnancy pillow?
Blood Circulation: According to the American Pregnancy Association, pregnant moms usually sleep on their back and back sleeping can cause decreased blood circulation. Most doctors advise sleeping on your left side for improved blood circulation.
Useful Even After Delivery : Some of the best pregnancy pillows can be used to help position your baby for breastfeeding or also as a barrier so that baby doesn't roll over
You will get a peaceful and deep sleep!
My pregnancy pillows improved my life as a pregnant person.
Especially during the last trimester of the pregnancy, this pillow will be a crucial part of a "decent" sleep.
I think a pregnancy pillow is definitely necessary when you can't stay on your sides.


When To Start Using A Pregnancy Pillow

There is no specific time. It's ideal to use after the fifth month, while your tummy gets bigger, you feel more comfortable with the pregnancy pillow.
I have one special way I lay with it to help me stay on my side & it also gives some back support, but it's very hard to explain.
So let's go through the types of pregnancy pillows and find the best pregnancy pillow for you!


A Pregnant woman carries their weight in different places, therefore, it will be up to you to decide which one will be best for you.
First of all, I must say that I only reviewed items in my list that either myself or my sisters owned and loved!

Total or Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Features of the Total Body Pregnancy Pillows
  • Supports your whole body, no need to use multiple pillows.
  • Better quality of sleep.
  • Promotes and supports side sleeping position.
  • Designed to discourage sleeping on the back.
  • Provide relief to the hip and better comfort to the belly.
  • It can be used in various positions such as recliner back support and as a feeding pillow afterward.
  • Reduces heart burns. Made from high-quality material for exclusive comfort.
Pregnancy body pillows are available in 2 shapes:
C-shaped body pillows and U-shaped body pillows.
C-Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillows looks like the letter "C" and is appropriate for a riding position. C- Shaped Pregnancy Pillow offers support to the head, tummy, back, and legs.

best diaper bags The Best C-Shaped Pillow
Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow
The Snoogle provides total body comfort from head to toe as it comforts to the natural shape of your body. "It's the mother of all pregnancy pillows."


No smell or chemical odors
Good Size
Value for money
Firm enough to sleep, soft enough to hug
Cover is Not Easy To Remove and Put Back On

best shopping cart cover  Price : Check on Amazon


U-Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillows
are designed to use in a straddling position. This pregnancy pillow offers support for both of your sides, from the toe to the head.
best diaper bagsThe Best U-Shaped Pillow
Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillow


The Leachco Back N Belly is a contoured body pillow, designed to cradle your body in all around comfort. It can be used in multiple positions to meet your needs. You get all the support you need without having to reposition the pillow when you turn from side to side throughout the night.

Don't have to switch it around each time you rotate
Supports back and belly pretty nicely
Don't need any other pillow
Value for money
Getting the cover back on after washing
Large Size (Check your bed size before buy)

best shopping cart cover  Price : Check on Amazon


best diaper bagsPharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow


Help align your spine and promote healthier sleeping positions for a higher quality of sleep. Supports and align hips, neck, back and tummy to relieve pain during and after your pregnancy.

Breathable air flow material
Washable case
Forms to the natural curves of your body
No Additional Covers

best shopping cart cover  Price : Check on Amazon

Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Most of the wedge pillows are shaped like a triangle, and they offer excellent upright back support. You can place the wedge pillow against the headboard and under your knees. It also supports the growing tummy.
Pregnancy Wedge Pillow is designed to gently elevate your upper body to provide relief by keeping the airways of the body naturally relaxed and open.
Resting your legs on the wedge pillow creates the right elevation to relieve swelling in the feet and ankles. The pregnancy wedge pillows are one of the cheapest and simplest pregnancy pillows available in the market.


best pregnancy maternity pillow
If you don't like my picks, click here to see the best selling pregnancy /maternity pillows. You’ll probably find one you like!

best pregnancy pillow
I was wondering if buying a pregnancy pillow is worth the price before using it. Pregnancy pillows, yes, they do make a huge difference. Some say "pregnancy pillow is worth its weight in gold." Maybe it's exaggerated. However, this is like one of those things that "You should try-learn-love it."
It's so comfortable, and also you will feel safe! It's useful when you are pregnant, and even after the period of pregnancy, it will still be useful for you and your baby, and even the dads love it!
If you’re looking for the best pregnancy pillow that’ll make sleeping comfortable to you and your baby, then you should get the Snoogle Total Body Pillow.  Click here to buy it on Amazon. Very affordable price for such an amazing quality!


The Snoogle is my pregnancy pillow, my beloved... I wanted to share what I thought of it, what my experiences are with it. You may be thinking about buying one, or you might want to buy this amazing pregnancy pillow for a friend or something like that.
This will just give you an idea of how it works for me but it's just my personal opinion, this is not sponsored in any way, shape or form. This pregnancy pillow is just magic in my life, and I'd love to share that magic with other people; so let's get right on into this.


The first thing that I really love about my Snoogle is that it is extremely comfortable. I thought this might be weird; it's a body pillow because I am not used to sleeping with anything in the bed, and I thought of something like; sleeping with a pillow in between your legs is like really weird to me and this thing might not even be comfortable.
So I don't know about it, but it is so comfortable! The way it cradles you, you feel like you're being held like your mother. It's just so great the way that it wraps around; it makes you feel so great. I love that it has like multi uses, you can use it like you can face it and hug it or you can have it wrapped around your back. You can use it for like; if you're sitting, you could wrap it around you to be comfortable like on the couch or on the bed.
Once you have the baby, you can also wrap it in a way that you could have the baby in it while you're nursing. That's really cool. it's not just that; while you're pregnant, it's not just for you as well.  You can use it after the birth, and I think it's an amazing thing. It's helped a lot to relieve my back pain, and that has been fantastic. It helps me to sleep on my side, so I was always a side sleeper, but side sleeping has become a little bit uncomfortable for me. Actually, since I got pregnant, I quite enjoyed sleeping more so on my stomach than I did before.
It doesn't take up as much space in the bad as I thought. I was really concerned that my husband was not going to fit in the bed like we were gonna have issues with space because there's me which eventually I'm gonna take up more space than I do now and my Snoogle and there he is on the edge of the bed but it actually is not bad for him, it's actually comfortable.


Sometimes I think while he's sleeping he like rests his arm on it or he is snuggling my Snoogle pillow on the opposite side. So he's facing the Snoogle and he's like snuggling it well I have it wrapped around the back. So that's kind of cute! So I think he's benefiting a little bit from it, but it doesn't take up as much space which is great!
It really just helps me to get better sleep which is the most important thing. I had so much fatigue especially in that first trimester, and I think it was mostly because I wasn't getting very good sleep at night. And this has really helped me to get a much better sleep and then I don't feel like I have to nap so much during the day, which in turn makes me feel better when I wake up!
I feel well rested, and I feel like I can be more productive which is fantastic. This is definitely something that I needed. The only thing that I would say is that I had to get used to the part that wraps around your neck and like how to sleep on it. Because I had a lot of neck pain the first few nights that I used it. I think that was just for me, an adjustment period because I used to sleep with two pillows now I sleep with the Snoogle and one pillow. So that's kind of made it a little bit easier to figure out how to place it. Once I kind of got into the groove and like it is magic!
I bought my Snoogle when I was 13 weeks pregnant. Wouldn't have waited any longer to get it. I was on the fence about whether it was going to be something that I needed, Do I need it now? Should I wait until later? The Snoogle is not expensive.
I think it’s an investment into your sleep and into your wellness. Having the Snoogle or waiting any longer. I just would have had more weeks of miserable sleep. Having this thing has made such a difference to me already, at such an early stage. In my pregnancy that it I know is going to only continue to be more so of a lifesaver, so I'm really excited that I got it.
Do whatever makes you guys happy, there are so many different types of pregnancy pillow that you can get that will work for you. Everybody's body is different, some people might feel they don't need it, and some people might feel that they need it at different points.
I feel like there's nothing worse than letting yourself suffer because you feel like "I'm not pregnant enough to have it". You need it; you need it so if you need it from six weeks you go and get yourself a pillow. Don't sit down there and be suffering every night. I am hundred percent recommend it if you feel like you need it.  You feel like somebody who needs it tell them about it because this thing is awesome.
Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Olivia Harper

Olivia Harper attended University Of Southern California for her undergraduate education, medical school, and residency training. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, interior decorating and gardening. ---- BestBabyNeeds was created out of passion to help moms and, moms-to-be find the information they need to make it easier for them to pick the right products for them and their baby. We care a great deal about you, that’s why we appreciate your feedback. It helps us serve you better.

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15 thoughts on “Best Pregnancy Pillows 2017 | The Ultimate Maternity Pillow Buyer’s Guide | TOP 3 Reviews

  1. I bought the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow. This pregnancy pillow is definitely recommended who want to experience good night sleep. It’s super comfortable!

  2. My husband brought me Leachco U-Shaped Pillow. It’s so good. I feel much better and fell a sleep much easier. I just love it. And also I wanna say that the Wedge pillow is not worth to buy because it’s not like something you can’t find in the home.

  3. I like the U shape pillow. Every women is different so their body. You have to choose the one it’s perfectly fit for you and your tummy. Also consider your bed size. I’m using the Leachco Pillow and I can recommend to moms.

  4. The best part about Leacho pillow is that I have the back and belly support. It was really comfy. Designed exactly what pregnant body needs. This pillow is the only reason I’ve been able to sleep lately. I would definitely recommend it.

  5. I had suffered from back and hip pain from the beginning of my third trimester. C-shaped pillow from Leacho Body Pillow absolutely saved my back while I was pregnant.I’m still using the pillow to get comfy while nursing my baby in the bed.

  6. Snoogle: The Best Pregnancy Pillow!
    It was given to me by my mom and she got this from Amazon.
    There are six different ways of using this pregnancy pillow. The one that I’ve used it the most or the two ways are; the “back to back” and the “belly basic.”
    That’s just kind of curling up to it and using the curved shape at the end put in between your legs. That really aligns the spine, and it just feels like you’re supported and eases lower back pain, which is getting kind of frustrating to sleep as I get bigger and my belly start zero, so this has really come in handy and really been comfortable to align the whole body and support the belly.

    I’m kind of worried because I usually like to sleep on my back, so this kind of helps me to not roll over onto my back, and if I do it kind of supports that and kind of still lifts me up. Also with the leg cramp issue, I’ve been waking up this week with leg cramps, and I have to like get out of bed or like straighten my leg. Right when I wake up this happens, and with the Snoogle pregnancy pillow, it doesn’t happen. It just kind of supports everything.

    It supports entire back aligns hips neck spine and legs great relief from back from hip and lower back pain.

  7. Snoogle is a great pillow! I purchased it because I was having a lot of back pain, and the pillow stopped the pain almost immediately! It’s Awesome.. i used it throughout my pregnancy and it was super comfy!

  8. I purchased the Snoogle maternity pillow and this body pillow makes me comfortable by the time I want to sleep.
    The midsection is the great width for full back or tummy support. Removable cover is machine washable.
    Pick this pillow if you have difficulty sleeping on your side.

  9. I’ve the Snoogle Back N Belly, and I definitely recommend it to any mommies-to be.
    I am in second trimester and did not realize how uncomfortable sleeping was until I got this pregnancy body pillow.

  10. I had suffered from back and hip pain after my second trimester. My boyfriend was so nice enough to give me Snoogle body pillow and I instantly fell in love with it. It is so comfortable!

  11. I read almost every review about different kind of pregnancy pillows and finally decided on Pharmedoc Full Body Pillow. I must say that, it really does help a lot in finding a comfy position to sleep. The body pillow is a well size and able to support my whole body.

  12. Snoogle Pregnancy Body Pillow takes the place of multiple pillows to support tummy, hips, neck, and back.
    I had a really bad case during my pregnancy it would even hurt to turn in bed, and I would have to say it was definitely a life saver!

  13. This pillow is amazing! I really needed a body pillow and I found the Snoogle and this is far the best pregnancy pillow in the market. I got this pillow as a present last month and I’m in love with it.

  14. Best Pregnancy Pillow.
    This is my 3rd pregnancy, and in the past I have always had the “Back’n Belly” pregnancy pillow, but decided to try something different this time. I bought the “Snoogle Total Body Pillow” and it’s been great so far!
    I now get the good night sleep with this body pillow! I highly recommend to expecting moms.

  15. Snoogle is an awesome pillow, I sincerely believe that this is the best pregnancy pillow. It’s very comfortable and I love how it makes me feel like I’m being hugged.

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