Best Shopping Cart Covers 2017

First of all, do you shop and dine with your baby?
Also.. are you worried about germs on shopping carts and high chairs provided by restaurants?
Baby shopping cart covers are thoughtfully designed to keep your baby safe, comfortable, and entertained. We all love our babies and want the best for them. Protecting babies from strange environment is not easy while shopping.
A baby shopping cart cover can protect your baby from shopping cart germs and sticky restaurant high chairs. A baby shopping cart cover is a multipurpose product with unique features to get both you and your baby into the mood for safe and comfy shopping time. Keep reading for everything you need to know about shopping cart covers.
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If you're like me, you probably don't like to put your young children, especially babies and toddlers in filthy shopping carts at all the different stores that we have to go to.
Therefore I always like to keep one of those baby shopping cart covers at hand in my car whenever I'm out with my son to make sure that he's kept away from all the germs.

best shopping cart cover


Shopping cart handles have more saliva, bacteria, and fecal matter on them than most public bathrooms.
Shopping cart handles are the dirtiest things you could possibly touch in a grocery store. I know what you're thinking: ‘but wait, I use alcohol wipes’. Well, alcohol wipes do not fix this problem.
A study was done to show that only 15% of people  use the wipes, but don't use them correctly.
If you wipe the handles back and forth, you will only spread the germs on the handles, but not kil them. Especially the really tough ones such as MRSA.
That virus kills over a hundred thousand people in the States every year. Some of the best baby shopping cart covers will not only keep babies free from germs and safe, but also your hands.
Most of the best shopping cart covers provide a safe place for the baby while you're dining at a restaurant. That's right! You can also use them for restaurant high chairs.

best shopping cart cover

Restaurant high chairs are magnets for germs. They often have missing or broken safety straps, which is why some parents choose to bring their own or are interested in buying one of the best shopping cart covers.
There are some features that make the best baby shopping cart cover on the market.
SAFETY: Germ Coverage, Safety Harness, Seat belt
EASE OF USE: Machine Washable, easy to clean, foldable
ENTERTAINMENT: Sippy Cup Strap, Toy Loops, Large Pocket for Parents.
Here are our award-winning shopping cart cover picks and what they provide;



Infantino is one of the best shopping cart covers out there, and it has a lot of straps, which is a good thing. It has a soft padding which is great. It has a full coverage safety harness and large pockets.
best shopping cart cover
You can fold it up for transport and storage. It has very nice colors, and I really like it. For sure your baby will like it too.
It has many pockets. Its sippy cup holder is very handy. It's well made - I really like it. I'm satisfied. I paid 19 dollars on Amazon, and I think it is good value for money. I definitely recommend the Infantino Shopping Cart Cover.


best shopping cart cover   Price: Check on Amazon


Elastic lined
Easy to use
Fits most carts
Hooks to attach
Thin materiel


I like the Summer Infant shopping cart cover because it's very safe and easy to use. Its infant positioner props young babies up safely and securely and is easy to remove as your infant gets older. It has a vinyl pocket to protect your smartphone while entertaining your child and two loops to attach toys.

best shopping cart cover

It folds up easily and compactly turning into a pouch when not in use. It's fairly large and has two hooks that can be attached to toys. It looks sturdy and soft. It has a loop at the back so that you can put it into a cart.
Summer Infant Shopping Cart Cover fits most carts. We've used it at a restaurant to cover a high chair too. It's multifunctional. Its elastic is very good - very flexible all around. We really liked it.
best high chairs    Price: Check on Amazon


Fits most carts
Easily folds up
Attaches to toys

Very large
 Doesn't fit restaurant chairs


Leachco Prop Shopping Cart Cover will protect your baby from germs and provide a comfortable place.
It’s made for easy transport. The padding on Leachco Prop is amazing. Feel confident to put your infant on it. There are many different shopping cart covers out there, but this one is excellent. It folds up very easily. You can wash it several times and it will still look gorgeous.

best shopping cart cover

Leachco Prop is there when you need a cover for a high chair at a restaurant . Remove the 2 sides and it's ready. One thing that I liked about this shopping cart cover is that it's easy and functional at the same time.


Padding quality
Folds up easily
Back pockets
Fits most shopping carts
Easy to use

 Bottom padding
 Bulky to carry

best high chairs  Price: Check on Amazon


A baby shopping cart cover will protect your child from many harmful things.There are several ways in which you can use your shopping cart cover. They come in handy - I use one all the time. If your baby's protection is important while you are shopping, you will want to get the best baby cart cover.
If you didn’t like our choices, feel free to click here to see the bestselling products. You’ll probably find one you like!


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4 thoughts on “Best Shopping Cart Covers 2017 | High Chair Covers – Reviewed and Rated For You

  1. Shopping carts are the most disgusting thing especially the handles. This is very helpful article because I was just wondering about how to find the best cart cover for my babies. Shopping cart cover is one of the “must-haves” to avoid germs and keep your baby safe.

  2. Hello I’m 7 months pregnant and I’m preparing my baby-registry. I’ll definitely pick some of the best cover in my list. Our doctor told us that shopping carts are dangerous for babies because of all that germs. Thanks for great article!

  3. I use my cart cover on restaurant high chairs as well. I find this very handy. I recommend Summer Infant Shopping Cart Cover for other parents.

  4. Infantino Shopping Cart Cover is great for my baby. He sleeps in it and it evenly distributes her weight so it doesn’t hurt my back. It’s very safe and I have 2 of them.

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