best baby bottles After researching all the alternatives, checking with experts and cross-checking with moms, I've selected my top 3 shopping cart covers below.
I'm confident that, you’ll find the perfect match for your needs. And if you don't like my choices, feel free to see the best selling shopping cart covers.




Infantino is one of the best shopping cart covers out there, and it has a lot of straps, that's a good thing. It has a soft padding that's great. It has a full coverage safety harness and large pockets.
best shopping cart cover
best shopping cart cover   Price : Check on Amazon
You can fold it up for transport and storage. It has a very nice colors, and I really like it for sure the baby will like it too.
It has many pockets available on the product. Sippy cup holder is very handy. I can see it's well made I really like it I'm satisfied. I paid 19 dollars from amazon, and I think this is the good value for money. I'll definitely recommend the Infantino Shopping Cart Cover.


Elastic lined
Easy to put
Fits most carts
Hooks to attach
 thin materiel


I like the Summer Infant shopping cart cover because it's very safe and easy to use. Infant positioner props young babies up safe and securely and then easily removes as your infant gets older. Includes vinyl pocket to protect your smartphone while entertaining your child and two loops to attach toys.

best shopping cart cover

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Folds up easily and compactly turning into a pouch when not in use. It's fairly large, and it has two hooks that we can attach to toys. Looks sturdy and soft. In the back, it has a loop here so you can put it into the cart.
Summer Infant Shopping Cart Cover fits with most of the carts. We've been used it at a restaurant for a high chair cover too. It's multi-functional. Elastic is very good. All the way around very flexy. We just really liked it.


Fits most carts
Easily fold up
Attaching Toys

Very large
 Doesn't fit with rest. chairs


Leachco Prop Shopping Cart Cover will protect your baby from germs and provide a comfortable place.
Made for easy transport. Padding on Leachco Prop is amazing. Don't worry to put your infant in there. There are much different shopping cart covers out there, but this one is excellent. Folds up very easy. You can wash it several times, and it will still look gorgeous.

best shopping cart cover

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Leachco Prop is there when you need a cover for at the restaurant to high chair. Remove the 2 side, and it's ready. One thing about this shopping cart cover I liked is that it's both easy and functional at the same time.


Padding quality
Folds up easy
Back pockets
Fits most shopping carts
Easy to use

 Bottom padding
 Bulky to carry


If you didn’t like our choices, feel free to click here to see the best-selling products. You’ll probably find one you like!

Olivia Harper

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3 thoughts on “Best Shopping Cart Covers 2017 | Reviews

  1. When I’m shopping with my son I use Infantino. I found it very handy. I think it’s smart decision when considering the price. Germs are dangerous and newborn babies are weak. Cart handles causes of so many diseases. So the best solution is cart cover.

  2. I hate to touch those dirty shopping cart handles my self. I can’t imagine my newborn on it. It’s a great idea to keep baby busy with toys while shopping.

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