Breastfeeding Tips

My 5 tips are related to gear, because it helps the process and makes things easier. I breastfed my son Jason until he was about 9 months old; we started giving him real food around 5 months later.
Once that started, he wanted real food, but I continued to breastfeed him. The only issue that I had was that I overproduced, and one side became my dominant side.
Here are my five tips to help you successfully breastfeed your baby:
TIP 1: Get a Breast Pump!
It's important to develop a great supply. You can do that without a breast pump, but a breast pump it allows more proficiency, because you can pump after you feed your child to increase the supply.
You can store that breast milk by putting it into a bottle and have something else to feed your child, which gives you a rest.
Breastfeeding is difficult. You may think that pregnancy and labor are difficult, but the really difficulties come when the baby is here and you're breastfeeding.
It is nonstop, especially for the first  few weeks. You're establishing your supply and getting to know what your baby needs, but it's definitely difficult. Be mentally prepared for that. Try different things. A breast pump was amazing for me, those pumps are awesome.


TIP 2: Get Comfortable!

You and your baby need to be comfortable getting into the right position, so find an amazing nursing pillow.
A nursing pillow is a must-have both for you and your baby while breast- or bottle feeding. I was using one under my elbow in the chair for late-night feeding because the arms came up high which made it difficult.


TIP 3: Breastfeeding App!

Utilize technology.
There are many amazing apps now that do it all for you.
They can track poppy diapers, sleep cycles, how you're emotionally feeling, doctor’s appointments, medication dosages, all those good things. So get a breastfeeding app now.

TIP 4: Get a Nursing Cover!

Many moms, especially those on the more conservative or modest side, feel exposed when breastfeeding in public, which I could get off on a tangent about.
If you feel like you need to be more comfortable in public or even on your couch, or you have visitors coming over and don't want your sister's boyfriend to see you breastfeeding, there are ways to get around that - a million nursing covers.

TIP 5: Get a Nursing Pad !

They are amazing. There are silicone adhesive breast pads. Nursing pads are awesome because they’re disposable and soak up a lot.
They’re bad for the environment and look ridiculously, because you can see them through your bra and shirts. They come folded in packs , and then you unfold them to reveal a weird triangle shape.
These little pads are awesome. I used them throughout breastfeeding. They collect leakage. You have to be careful when you're pulling them off in public - have a towel ready. I recommend them 100%.
Being a parent is a 24/7 role and anything that makes things easier is a big plus. Make your life easier with a few changes. I hope your journey is a good one. Feel free to leave your tips and anything that you have to recommend.

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