increasing breast milk supplyIt's important to take steps for increasing breast milk supply. Most mothers are able to provide their babies with all the breast milk they want. Using compression to make everything effective your milk supply will grow to meet your baby's needs. Here are some effective tips that will help you increase breast milk supply.

How to Maximize Your Milk Production

Today we're talking about maximizing your pumping output. Few things to keep in mind when you're pumping. The pump is never a clear indication of what your supply looks like. Effectively feeding baby can usually get more milk out than a pump.

Some moms also don't respond well to the pump. There are a few things that we can do about that. We'll help you to respond while you're pumping and mostly you want to make sure that you have the correct flange size.

Keep in mind that the milk actually pulls in the periphery of the breast and so what that means is well the pump is on your breast that it's not really stimulating much beyond your alveolars.

Yes, that suction is kind of pulling in there, but if you've ever watched a nursing baby they get in there with their hands, they move around, they try to get wherever they can to get that milk to release.
When you're pumping, pumping with your hands on and using some breast compression can be really helpful.
We're going to show you what that looks like. 

increasing breast milk supply

Increasing Breast Milk Supply


The first tip for any mom who's going to be pumping more than once a day. You might find that using something like organic coconut oil or olive oil is really helpful to put inside the pump flange. That way it's lubricated so that there's no chafing involved while you're pumping.

Pump More and Easily

So really where you're looking at is right when that kind of area goes from wide to narrow where that bend is. Some moms even put a little bit into the flange as well are into that tunnel. Then you're going to put the pump on,  centering it onto your nipple and then turn it on.

increasing breast milk supply
increasing breast milk supply

Expressing Breast Milk

Some moms actually find that hand expression before putting the pump on can be really helpful. Other moms find that when they put the pump on, it actually just starts getting the milk to flow anyway, so that's unnecessary.

As you'll notice what this mom is doing is she's massaging in the periphery of the breast so again in the cleavage area it up and top in the armpit. Kind of think of your breast is like squeezing out like an orange.

Some moms will actually come in and just kind of press down, and then other moms will come in and actually use the type of compression that you see here.

The really cool thing is actually using this hands-on pumping method when your flow has actually slowed down. You think well I might be actually done; there's nothing left in there and kind of tapped out.

You get in there and start pressing, and you notice that all the sudden it starts to release all this milk from the milk ducts that were not being accessed before. That's pretty much how to maximize your pumping output.


increasing breast milk supplyBreast milk is best for the first six months of your baby's life; this is all they need. It has all the nutrition in just the right amount for your baby to grow. 

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