Infant Car Seats are made to keep babies safe, and when used correctly, increase the vehicle safety of newborns by nearly 75%. If parents aren't careful, there could be risks associated with car seats.

Baby heads and necks are very fragile at this age, which is where the concern comes in. You don't want the baby’s head moving forward. Depending on the position of the car seat or the way the child is placed there’s potential to block a newborn's airway.
Unfortunately it's possible to put a baby in a car seat incorrectly. As babies don't have control of their heads and necks , put their heads as high as possible to prevent them from dropping and their airways blocking. We strongly advise that parents limit the amount of time a newborn spends in a car seat.


Parents should not be using car seats for sleeping. If you want to put your baby down to nap, it's better to keep him/her in a crib, as it provides the safest position for them.
What experts focus on most is not alarming parents, but spreading awareness of proper use of car seats. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for use carefully. What parents should take home from this is to make sure that they read the directions and manuals that come with their car and car seat.
Child passenger safety technicians agree that a car seat has the same safety benefits to children of all ages. Car seat experts remind parents that all car seats work differently, so it is very important to read and follow all instructions before placing a baby into any car seat.


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