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The Best Space Saver High Chair

A high chair is one of the most important pieces of baby gear you'll ever buy. A good one makes you and your little one feel safe and comfortably for many years, therefore it's a decision you should make carefully!
A space saver high chair is a great choice if you're low on space or want a portable high chair. I found that the really good ones offer even more than that.
After thoroughly researching all the different alternatives, checking with experts, and asking many moms what they do I found the best space saver high chair for your baby.
The Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair is a great choice, because it has almost all features of a full-size high chair.


•Perfect for Small Spaces and on-the-Go!
What I really like about the Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair is that it fits into any chair. Its easy height adjustment is great for maximal versatility; it can fit into any chair.
Therefore it doesn't matter what kind of chair you have, the Fisher Price easily fits and is specially designed to provide extra comfort.
If you're going to a restaurant, you can take the Fisher Price high chair with you and it's very easy to adjust and carry around.

•It has almost all the features of a full-size high chair

Also great is that there are three positions from fully reclined and two to upright, all adjustable from the back.
The Fisher Price space saver high chair also has two height adjustments and a very compact design for raising and lowering the seat. It's portable and works great as a standard chair.

It comes with a 5-point harness
to keep your child in place. Feeding a baby is not easy. Many babies are fussy, refuses to eat, or want to watch videos. The chair has two straps - one for the back and one for underneath.


•It's easy to use
What's nice about the Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair is that it has two height adjustments. If you have a taller or shorter table, this will allow the seat to sit where it needs to be.
There's a full-size removable tray which is great, because smaller high chairs often have smaller trays. You probably know that kids love to move their food around. The removable tray is great to put in a dishwasher.
I really like this chair so far. It has a one-hand release for the tray. That makes it supersimple, especially when you are holding a baby on one arm and trying to get her into the chair!
There's a spot for a sippy cup, you can strap some toys to it, and the tray clicks onto the side.


The Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair comes with a removable cushion that is easy to wipe. It can also be machine washed if needed. The tray and cushion are machine washable and made of a very durable material while providing comfort in the most elegant way possible!
The three recline positions offer added comfort when eating and sleeping. They transform the high chair into a toddler booster seat. A five-point high chair restraint converts to a 3-point restraint for the booster seat.
If you don't have a lot of space in your house, you should get a space saver high chair and the Fisher Price is the best one on the market.
Its adjustable strap system makes it easy to securely attach to just about any chair. It's sturdy, adjusts easily, cleans easily, and has an affordable price.
Overall I'm very pleased with this product. Our kids love it too. They are excited to sit in their chairs and wait for mealtime! I highly recommend this high chair.

Easy to use and clean
Goes from high chair to toddler booster seat
Machine-washable tray and cushion
5 Point Harness
Multi-Functional, durable and affordable

Might be more color options.


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